Klippan nurtures a long tradition of papermaking,timber and other wood products supply. It began in 1573 when renowned astronomer Tycho Brahe´s uncle started producing paper near the monastery at Herrevadskloster. In that time this area of Sweden belonged to Denmark and the mill was in fact Denmark’s very first paper mill. In 1658 it became Swedish through the peace at Roskilde.
In the 1700s the mill moved to new premises by the river Rönne, where it remains still today. A rock in the middle of the stream gave inspiration to the name of the mill and its area, Klippans Bruk. Klippan means rock in Swedish.
In 1832 the country’s first paper machine was installed here at Klippan Mill. It was soon followed by several more. Through the years the paper products have varied following the markets requests. Newspaper quality, paper for stamps, copy paper etc have all been produced here.
1962 the production of tissue for napkins started at Klippan Mill and with more than 50 years’ experience of producing it Klippans Bruk AB is today one of the world´s leading producers of deep-coloured tissue,Copy papers/papers and timber with other products from timber like charcoal,woodpellets,pallets etc.