Firewood that is easily recognized by its red colour and has a specific smell. Alder firewood dry’s fast if it is dried mechanically, if naturally, it may rot. Alder firewood is one of the cheapest firewoods in the market because of its very fast population. Seasoned Alder burns warm but fast. Wet alder puts out a lot of ash and very little heat. Firewood burns almost without smoke. Max. Heating intensity is 4878 Kcal/kg. Alder firewood is possible to get into different
Packaging: 22l and 40 l bags, 1m3 and 2m3 boxes. The packaging is also adjustable according to Client Specification

• Size: 25 -30cm (it is possible to get different sizes as well)
• Moisture: 18 %
• Weight: around 10 kg, 15kg,27kg 54kg
• Billet length : 27 cm
• Split size: 8 cm