These red oak plywood panels offer excellent strength, dimensional stability, and screw holding ability. Ideal for projects where shrinking, warping, swelling, or splitting is a concern. All are high-quality A2 grade precut plywood panels with both faces in red oak. All panels measure 24″W x 48″L and are available in 1/4″, 3/4″ etc nominal thicknesses

Excellent strength and dimensional stability

Ideal when you want to minimize shrinking, warping, swelling, or splitting

Cross bands are made of Lauan veneer

Great screw, nail, glue and staple holding ability on the face; mechanical fasteners do not hold as well on the butt edges and ends

Use for wall coverings, drawer sides and bottoms, and a wide variety of case goods such as desks, kitchen cabinets, fixtures, and fine furniture

Sanded first with a 120 grit belt and then following with a 150 grit belt which eliminates burnishing and preps the surface for finishing